Bergner Knife Set, 8-Pieces

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Makes Dicing a Breeze

Cutting is easier, faster and more efficient with the Bergner stainless steel knife set. You can use this kitchen knife set for cutting, chopping, mincing or slicing as required. Suitable for cutting a variety of items, from tough meat to soft items like fruits and salads, this kitchen knife set will meet all your chopping needs. Meant to carry out tough cutting jobs, Bergner stainless steel knives are sturdy, resistant to rust and designed to last you a lifetime. On the rare occasion that the knives require sharpening, a special knife sharpener is provided with this set.

Wooden Case Keeps Knives Accessible

You can now clean fish easily with the utility knife that suits a variety of purposes. Suitable for complex work, the paring knife provided allows you to devein shrimp, remove seeds from jalapenos, skin mushrooms or cut small garnishes. The set also comes with a pair of shears suitable for cutting rope, wire or cardboard. A strong wooden case is provided to shield your knife blades and provide you with easy access to them when needed. The stand also ensures that your 8 piece knife set is away from the curious hands of little children.

  • Brand: Bergner
  • Colour: Silver
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Includes: 8 pieces; Chef knife (9-inch blade), Bread knife (9-inch blade), Boning knife (7-inch blade), Utility knife (6-inch blade), Paring knife (3.6-inch blade), Shears, Sharpener (10 inch), wooden stand
  • Features: Ergonomic design for perfect grip
  • Ideal for day-to-day kitchen usage
  • Suitable for cutting tough as well as soft items

CERA ceramic coating
Healthy cooking
PFOA and PTFE free
See Through Glass Lid
Corrosion resistant
Aesthetic design
Soft touch handle for perfect grip
Energy saving
Quick heat distribution
Light weight
Dishwasher safe
Color: White, Material: Stainless Steel
Package Contents: 1-Piece Chef Knife (20 cm), 1-Piece Bread knife (28 cm), 1-Piece Boning Knife (16 cm), 1-Piece Utility Knife (13 cm), 1-Piece Pairing knife (8 cm), 1-Piece Scissors (21 cm), 1-Piece Knife Sharpener (22 cm) and 1-Piece Wooden Block
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