30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Have you Changed your Mind?

If you have changed your mind about your purchase within the 30 day money back period, Mudra Retail will be pleased to offer you a refund or exchange provided that:

  • You return the item within 30 days of purchase;
  • You provide Proof of Purchase
  • The item is in re-saleable condition including that:
      – It is in its original packaging, including instruction manuals and all accessories;
    • – It is unused and in its original condition

In these instances the customer will bear the expense of returning the goods to Mudra Retail whether in one of our stores or online.

If you are unable to provide satisfactory Proof of Purchase, Mudra Retail may, in its absolute discretion, provide you with an exchange to the current value of the item provided that:


  • The item is in re-saleable condition (i.e. the original tags and labels are still attached, the item is in its original packaging (if any), and the item is unused and as sold); and
  • We can verify that the item was originally purchased from Kitchen Warehouse; and
  • The item is not a Special Exception (see Returns Policy); and Satisfactory Identification (see Returns Policy) is presented at the time of the return.